Year 5/6 Home Learning

COVID-19 Home Isolation Packs Term One 2022

The following packages have been prepared by our teachers to support students who are isolating at home due to COVID contact but are otherwise well enough to engage in learning. The content aligns with the classroom learning taking place in Term One 2022. Download the PDF to access the live links.

Drama Home Learning

Spanish Home Learning

More general Year 5/6 Home Learning options are listed below:


Maths Online - Tasks are set by Teachers to support the concepts the students are learning within the classroom. Each student has received a unique login from the school. Please contact your child’s teacher if in doubt.

Speed Skills within Maths Online- This allows students to practice their mental recall of multiplication tables. We suggest students frequently utilise this feature to reinforce their learning.

Prodigy- A Maths based adventure game that requires students to solve equations to advance to the next level.

Shopping - Talk regularly with your children about shopping and involve them in calculating totals, estimating, rounding, money language, budgeting.


Some ideas to encourage students to write at home:

Reading is an essential non-negotiable component of Home Learning. Students should be reading a variety of different texts. Here are some ideas to broaden your child’s reading experiences:

  • Read the Newspaper
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Cooking - Reading and following recipes
  • Reading to younger or older siblings
  • Audio books are also a useful tool to engage students in reading behaviours and conventions. Audible through Amazon is a good resource.
  • Digital Library- This can be accessed through the Library Google Classroom. Contact the Teacher Librarian if you are having trouble accessing this resource.


After reading it is important to discuss the book with your child to help build comprehension. Some ideas to encourage this process might be

  • Write a Book Review
  • Design a Book Cover for the book
  • Sketch to Stretch- Spend 2 minutes to sketch a drawing of what you have read. Use the drawing as a stimulus to explain what has happened in the book.



Students can be engaged in purposeful STEM activities and projects. Here are some useful website that host some engaging projects for students to try:

Coding - Is an important skill for the future. Here are some websites to allow students to continue to hone these skills at home:

The Arts

  • Scrapbooking Memories
  • Sketching
  • Create a Dance Routine to your favourite Song
  • Change the Lyrics to your favourite Song


  • Create your own Game
  • Focus on perfecting a skill you have been learning at school.