Our School


Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School is committed to developing each person in a nurturing community of respect and cooperation, built on faith and mission.


Education in the 21st century at Sts Peter and Paul requires intellectual and personal courage, open-mindedness, and a belief in the value of our past story but a willingness to let it grow and change.

Thus, education at Sts Peter and Paul :

  • Embodies the ideals of our Christian heritage and uses them to challenge personal and intellectual growth.
  • Is built on solid foundations with a clear outcomes-based focus. However, it is innovative, exciting, dynamic and forward thinking, encouraging risk-taking in learning and expanding the frontiers of current practice.
  • Promotes deep, authentic and purposeful learning through a proactive and interactive transdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Grows in a supportive and nurturing learning environment that celebrates the developmental and personal uniqueness and diversity of the children and promotes self-discipline, motivation and independence


Sts Peter and Paul Primary School’s rich history began in 1968 before forming the Parish of the Transfiguration in 1994 with sister school Holy Trinity, Curtin. The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, an international apostolic congregation, served the school for almost thirty years. Their founder, Francis Siedliska had a vision of charity and this is the inspiration for the sisters' life and service. Until the end of 1995, the Principal of the school was provided from the Congregation.


Dear Lord,
We come together as one family.

May we follow in the footsteps of Sts Peter and Paul
seeking each day to build community
and to share the message of Jesus.
May we be lovers of learning who treat
each other with care and respect.
Sts Peter and Paul, Pray for us.