Year 1 Home Learning

COVID 19 Home Isolation Pack Term One 2022

The following pack has been prepared by our teachers to support students who are isolating at home due to COVID contact but are otherwise well enough to engage in learning. The content aligns with the classroom learning taking place in Term One 2022. Download the PDF to access.


Studyladder (requires student password) - This site provides educational resources across a wide range of subjects.

Topmarks- This is a educational website for children that gives children the opportunity to learn online, through safe, fun and engaging games and activities.

Fuse- This website allows children to interact with games, resources, videos and more. It includes some interesting Science and Stem activities as well. 


Mathletics (requires student password) - Mathletics is a learning resource aligned to the Australian maths curriculum and content covered in class.

Maths Playground- Math Playground is a learning site filled with math games, logic puzzles and a variety of problem solving activities. It provides a safe place for children to learn and explore math concepts at their own pace.


Count to 20 - This is an interactive game to practice counting to 20. 

Place Penguins - This interactive games explores Place Value 

Shark numbers - This interactive introduces ones and tens place value of two digit numbers. 


The following sites explore and introduce words used for reading and writing.