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Working With Vulnerable People

Working With Vulnerable People

All school staff and all people volunteering in our school must register to work with vulnerable people.  By volunteering we mean anyone helping in our class rooms and in the school in any way; our reading helpers, those who so generously help out by changing the children’s home readers, canteen helpers, those coming in to help with art or craft, helping in cleaning up class rooms, kitchen volunteers, our iRAP volunteers in the Learning Support Centre, those parents who help out at our sports carnivals, yes anyone who volunteers in any way at the school must register.


There is no cost for volunteers and you register by accessing the Justice and Community web site:-




and complete the registration form.  This site also contains all the information you will need including the explanation of what is at the heart of the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011.


You can take your form to any Canberra Connect shopfront. Once you have your card you will need to bring it along to school and we will make a copy and place this in our WWVP file.  You will also need to have your card on you whenever you are volunteering at the school.


If you have any questions regarding WWVP please contact Margaret Pollard on 02 6281 1932.

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