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To improve safety, please observe these points

• Children who ride bikes should bring a chain to attach them to the racks so they will not be stolen. All cyclists are legally obliged to wear helmets.

• Children who walk to school must use the correct crossing.  There is a pedestrian crossing on Wisdom Street, just out the front of the school.  Please remind children to exercise caution when walking. To reduce risks, children are encouraged to walk home with one or more school friends.

• Children who use the school bus are dropped off in the yard each morning and picked up on Yamba Drive in the afternoon. ACTION use MYWAY bus passes.  For more information, click on this link http://www.transport.act.gov.au/catch_a_bus/myway  ACTION bus school timetable information is available from the ACTION website https://www.action.act.gov.au/school_services/school_services_by_school_name  Eligible parents can gain a free school bus pass through the student transport program - see the ACTION website or the school for details.

Children who travel by car will be safer if drivers observe these rules

• Enter the grounds via the correct entrance and adhere to signage

• Observe the 40 km/h limit between 8 am and 4 pm

• Drop children between the church and school

• Do not park near the red kerb; if you need to stop for a time, use the car park in front of the school

• In the afternoon, wait in line for the children to be brought to the car. If your children are not ready, park in the car park and collect your child from the classroom

• On wet days, pick up children from the school hall

• Do not park in the grounds of Malkara School

• Do not park on either side of Wisdom Street

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