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OSHClub After School Care

OSHClub provides high quality Before Care, After Care, Pupil Free Days and Vacation Care for primary aged children.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment
  • Provide a wide variety of experiences and activities that are developmentally appropriate for the middle childhood phase specifically highlighting the value of play.
  • Cater to the social, intellectual, physical, recreational and emotional needs and interests of all children.
  • Provide affordable quality care which is accessible by all children and their families including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, low income families and those with special needs.
  • Ensure that the needs of parents are acknowledged and respected.
  • Provide friendly, warm, sensitive and cooperative staff.
  • Offer a caring environment that promotes positive attitudes, personal growth, high self esteem and respect for others.

Our motto is "Happy Children Learning" and there are loads of structured and unstructured fun activities on offer at every session.  Helping us design the best possible programs are two of Australia's leading experts in children's services;  Professor Brian Caldwell and Kathy Walker, so you can be sure you'll get age appropriate activities that best suit your child's development.  Children can choose to participate in the set activities, free play outside or the many play spaces including Construction area, Quiet area, Dress up area, Board games, Art/Craft area or the Homework area.  The children will also have a choice of both indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting).

OSHClub welcomes the input of all parents/guardians and children into programming ideas through:

  • Evaulation surveys which are emailed to all families who use the program.
  • Evaluation surveys which will be available to all children who use the program.
  • Parents being given an opportunity to become part of the parent reference group.
  • Parents communicating feedback directly to the program coordinator.
  • Parents communicating feedback directly to OSHClub management. 

Healthy and nutritious snacks are one of the most important components of our programs.  We provide a breakfast before school and a light snack after school. 


To enrol in our program, or for more more information, please go to our website www.oshclub.com.au  

The contact number for OSHClub at Sts Peter and Paul is 0478 155 299.


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