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Each year, the Catholic Education Office announces the official enrolment period for its schools. For 2019 enrolments, the enrolment period will be from 30 April until 18 May this year.  Enrolments for 2019 will be accepted during that time. No special consideration will be given to enquiries received prior to that period.

Parents wishing to enrol their children at this school should obtain an enrolment form  and forward it to the school within the announced period.

When submitting an enrolment form, parents must provide the school with a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate (where applicable) and a copy of the birth certificate or other proof of age and Australian residency. (Usually we accept children only if they have turned five by April 30 in the year of enrolment.)

While the school will accept children from families that are not Catholic, it is expected that parents of such children accept the values of the school and will work towards their advancement.

Prior to the start of school, parents must also supply a copy of their child’s immunisation record, showing receipt of the four year vaccination injection.

At the end of the enrolment period, all applications will be considered and the Principal will make offers of places to as many children as possible. These offers will be made early in Term Three, towards the end of July.

Enrolment Policy

Children attending our school are expected to understand and demonstrate Christian concern, kindness and compassion for their fellow students. Mindful of this, parents enrol their children on the firm undertaking that they will accept, support and help to maintain the school's gentle, caring, Christian environment. It is expected that parents will play an active role, supporting the school in its various endeavours.

Sts Peter and Paul Primary School is a Catholic school, within the Parish of the Transfiguration, North Woden. While primarily serving the needs of the people of Hughes, Garran, O'Malley and Swinger Hill, we also welcome children from other areas and from other faiths.

All parents are expected to accept and support the life, nature and identity of the Catholic school, including participation in religious education programs and religious observances.
When determining enrolments, priority will be given to children who are:

  • Baptised Catholics whose families are worshipping members of this parish, or baptised Catholics from other parishes if they have valid reasons for seeking enrolment.
  • From families living within the designated boundaries.
  • Five years or older by April 30 in the year of enrolment.

Children outside these categories will be considered for enrolment if places are available. Special consideration will be given to the siblings of children already enrolled in the school. Parents are invited to contact the Principal to discuss their applications.

The school accepts boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year Six.

We accept enrolments for the following year during the advertised enrolment period, set by the Catholic Education Office. This is usually in May. Specific dates are advertised in parish bulletins and local newspapers, as well as in local pre-schools and child care centres.

People moving into Canberra during the year may apply to enrol their children at any time if there are places available.

All new parents are required to come and talk with the principal before their children start at the school. At this time, parents are expected to provide the school with any relevant information about their children, including reports from previous schools.

Sts Peter and Paul is committed to keeping class sizes within the guidelines set by the Catholic Education Commission. Children wishing to enrol in classes which already exceed this number of students may be placed on a waiting list and may be offered a place when one becomes available.

Applications from students with disabilities seeking to be enrolled in mainstream classes must be considered by a special panel, including the Special Needs Education Consultant (Integration)

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the relevant sections of the Policy and Administrative Procedures Manual of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Catholic Education Office, a copy of which is available at the school.


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