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Other Curriculum areas

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Our commitment to the children’s physical development means we offer a wide range of appropriate sports. Some are offered as part of a regular program and others are offered through special sporting clinics.

Years 3 to 6 compete in local sporting associations, in athletics, swimming and cross-country, allowing students to represent their school. School sport, organised by interested parents, is also played on Saturdays. The level and types of sport offered depends on the available parents. The School Board offers financial support to children chosen to represent the ACT. Children in Years 3 to 6 take part in a Rotational Sport Program for five weeks in Terms 2,3 and 4. This exposes them to a various sporting options.

Children may bring sporting equipment from home if it is clearly labelled. We cannot, however, take responsibility for this equipment. Children can borrow equipment from their classroom supply at recess and lunch time.


As well as music lessons offered as part of the school curriculum and opportunities to be part of the school choir, we encourage children to take individual instruction during school time if appropriate tuition is available. This is conducted at the parent’s expense. We currently offer keyboard, guitar and violin, but this range could expand to meet expressed needs.

Other Interest Areas

We take part in several additional programs, inter-school Debating, Rostrum public speaking and Speech and Drama. The offerings are influenced by student interest.

Camps and Excursions

Senior classes attend annual camps to supplement their work in relevant curricula. Excursions to special locations (e.g., National Science and Technology Centre, Life Education Centre) occur when appropriate. Other special trips away from the school to supplement the program are conducted at the discretion of the class teacher, but parents are always given advance warning of such trips.

Because of our central location, our children take part in several activities close to the school without the need for organised transport. These include activities at Phillip Swimming Pool, the Woden Basketball Stadium or Eddison Park.


Another privilege flowing from our location is that we can join in various activities with Malkara Special School. Our students take part in shared activities where this would be in the interest of both groups.

Art and Craft

Coming Soon.

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