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At Sts Peter and Paul, we believe that Mathematics:

Is a vehicle through which thinking processes related to particular forms of reasoning, logic and problem solving can be taught.

• Equips children with essential life skills needed to operate within society
• Gives students knowledge for their future fields of work and leisure
• Provides a means of oral and written communication.

Mathematics is an integral part of our existence. It can enhance understanding of our world and the quality of our participation in society. It is valuable to people in providing important tools that can be used at various levels within society.

“Numeracy is the ability to use mathematics effectively to meet the general demands of life at home, in paid work and for participation in community and civic life.” (p. 13 ECTL)

Mathematics involves:

• a search for patterns and relationships
• developing competence in skills and processes
• a way of thinking, characterised by processes
• a means of communication and representation
• evoking active curiosity, creativity, discovery, invention and enjoyment
• the development of confidence, positive attitudes and independence
• using a variety of resources, including computers and calculators
• observing, representing and investigating patterns and relationships
• risk taking
• recognising and valuing diversity of approach and different methods of solution
• Students being creative, intuitive and inquisitive
• Students developing their understanding of the real world from a mathematical perspective.

At Sts Peter and Paul Primary School, we are working with the ACT Curriculum Framework Every Chance to Learn as our core document whilst using the indicators from the NSW K-6 Mathematics Syllabus Document.

We teach using the Essential Learning Achievements within a multi–level learning approach:

• ELA 16: The student understands and applies number
• ELA 17: The student chooses and uses measures
• ELA 18: The student recognises and represents patterns and relationships

Students are individually targeted to work mathematically at their developmental level. All students in Kinder to Year 4 are tested using SENA I and II tests. Students are then grouped according to their ability and supported in their learning, through activities and games. Pre and post testing in Stages Two and Three assist in determining at which level a students should be working.

Mathematics is conducted as a Numeracy Block each day. Through the structure of the Numeracy Block, students are provided with the opportunity to work as class and in small groups with similar needs. Each small group is provided with explicit teaching of concepts and activities which challenge the students to apply numeracy strategies.

The staff at Sts Peter and Paul use the Origo 'Go Maths' series as a key resource. This ensures a consistent approach and a graduating scope and sequence for the teaching of the Mathematics program.

Every Chance to Learn- ACT Curriculum Framework
NSW Mathematics

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